How to make FLASH button for site navigation

How to customize Flash buttons to make it work with Fuzzle CMS pages

In demo design file fuzzle-demo-demo.fla in layers btnHTML and btnLogin you can found two buttons with btHTML and btLogin names.

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For each button we define specific event listener in layer actions (first frame):

// define event listener
btLogin.addEventListener("click", btLoginClick); 
// specify URL
function btLoginClick(event:Event = null):void {
  // goToURL('thissite://TestPage'); move to  
  // page TestPage
  // goToURL('thissite://XmService-login/'); move
  // to login interface
  // goToURL(getClassByAlias("aliasXmLoader").xmLoader.
  //   getHtmlURL('TestPage')); move to HTML-version
  // page TestPage

Important: all design file program code must be written on Action Script 3 to be compatible with Fuzzle CMS kernel.


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