Set-up of the design-file on the site

Load a compiled SWF-file with design on the server in foldersites/name of_your_site/app.

Configurational parameters adjustment

Configurational parameters of the design-file are adjusted in file index.php, placed in the same server folder (sites/name of_your_site/app), as the design-file.

List of parameters:

  • $designFile = “fuzzle.swf”;
    Name of the compiled design-file, or JPG/PNG-file.

  • $fzconfig2["dwidth"] = 800;
    $fzconfig2["dheight"] = 600;
    Size of area with design content. When making screen size smaller than the area with content, scroll bars will appear. Content of the site is considered to be the area limited by points 0x0 (upper left corner of the design-file) and dwidth x dheight. The remaining is considered to be the background image.
Important: Sizes of the content area dwidth and dheight should be equal or larger than the sizes of the SWF-file with design, specified in its document properties. Otherwise background will be displayed improperly.

  • $fzconfig2["pageRext"] = 220x500x800x600;
    Position and size of the page editing area. Order of recording: XxYxWIDTHxHEIGHT – i.e., are enumerated consequently and separated by x (English):
    • X-area coordinate relative to design beginning;
    • Y-area coordinate;
    • Area width;
    • Area height.

  • $fzconfig2["p_top"] = 0;
    Design alignment. If 0 is set, the design will be aligned centrally over the top of the page. If the parameter is not set, the design will be aligned centrally horizontally as well as vertically.

  • $fzconfig2["backImg"]
    Path to the background image relative to the site root. The image is scaled along the X and along the Y. It is used as an alternative to the background of the file-template.

  • $fzconfig2["showMenu"] = 1;
    Debug menu display. If 1 is set, then a dynamic menu, realized in the form of a standard tree component is loaded to the left column (it can be used for debugging or in technical projects; skin adjustment is not available). It is recommended to unselect this parameter on the sites where customized dynamic menu is enabled.

  • $fzconfig2["demoMenuX"] = 50;
    $fzconfig2["demoMenuY"] = 180;
    Positioning of the debug menu relative to the upper left point of the design-file.

  • $fzconfig2["startPage"] = /Home;
    Start page for the given loader (authorization service is run by default). It can be used when there are several loaders, for example, a loader for each language, and a single Fuzzle CMS installation.

  • $fzconfig2["startPageDelay"] = 2000;
    Minimal delay in ms before start of display of the first page. It is used if the design contains initial animation, before the end of which modules should not be loaded.

  • $fzconfig["bgcolor"] = 'FFFFFF';
    Background color for preloader and site entirely. (new in 3.0)

Information about adjustment of parameters necessary for SEO: title, meta and other Adjustment of the site for SEO and statistics.


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