Component: FZTextButton

Component show the text button. The decoration of normal, over and down states is configured throw XML. Also, user can choose the over and out effects. It's a ideal solution for menus, or other widgets with customized text buttons.

Property text:String

Text of the button.

Property decorationXML:XML

This property configure the component decoration.
It's recommended to receive configuration XML, using FZTextButtonEditor component.

Event: buttonClick

Dispatched, when user press the button.

Property linkURL:String

Page or external URL, where user will automatically move after button click.
This property isn't required, so you can process buttonClick on your own.

Property trackActivePage:Boolean

If set to TRUE, button will change state to DOWN, when current page URL is equal to linkURL.

Property trackActiveSubpages:Boolean

If set to TRUE, button will change state to DOWN, when current page URL is substring of linkURL.

For example: if linkURL = thissite://XmAdvPage-main/Demo, and current page = Demo/1, so button will move to DOWN state (Demo1 or Demo/1 is subpage of Demo)

Function highlightCurrent(isHighlight:Boolean)

If isHighlight, move TextButton to DOWN state; otherwise, move to NORMAL state. Can be used, when you want process clicks on your own (for example, if you want to highlight current track in MP3 playlist).


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