Widget technology overview


Widget? What is it?

Widget is an editable block. You can place widget at any page of Fuzzle CMS site. Developer can develop his own widgets.

From developer's point of view, each widget consist of two AS3-classes. The first class is required to show some information on site page; the second class is a property editor.

For widget development it's strongly recommended to use Adobe Flex 3, because widget technology use some advantages of Flex framework (for example, widget editor class must be a Canvas child).

How it works?

Widget or a set of widgets must be exported to SWC library. After that, you extract library.swf file with compiled AS3 classes, and write manifest.xml to declarate required classes. Then, you pack library.swf and manifest.xml to ZIP-file – an installation package.

How to install widget in several seconds

Important: the widget library can be encrypted to work only at one domain name. Now we are working at web-service to do that.
If you want to encrypt your library, please, send it to us – we'll do it for you. Also, you can sell your widgets at our Widget catalog

How can my widget interact with CMS services? (file manager, link editor, etc.)

Widgets can interact with Fuzzle CMS services, using our Fuzzle component library.

Lesson: How to create widget?.


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