How to make widget packet

You have already make a library with one or several widgets.

1. Compile library into SWC-file.

It's strongly recommended to change other Flex libraries Link type to External to reduce library size.

2. Rename SWC-file to ZIP and unpack it. As a result, you find a folder with XML-files and library.swf file.

3. Make in the same folder manifest.xml with content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<widgetLibrary version="1.0">
    <libName>Our demo widget</libName>
      <title>Image with link (demo)</title>

classMain and classEditor properties relate to class path in AS3 library.
title define a block name (can be found in block add ComboBox). libraryId is a library identifier (will be used in update purposes).

We are working for centralized widget manager. It's strongly recommended to use your site canonical path's in classes, to avoid the name collisions.
For example, com.johnsmith.fuzzle.MySuperGallery.

4. Pach library.swf and manifest.xml into file. You have just made an installation package.

How to install widget, using installation package?.


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