License key set-up

If you have installed the system on the domains named localhost, or (anything)fuzzlecmsdemo(anything), you will be able to get instant access to the editor and all the features of Fuzzle CMS, as the system automatically sets demo key valid for domains like these. In other cases you have to set this key by yourself.

1. Purchasing the license, you get a key specially for your domain. The key contains three elements:

  • client = asfdh15619873274
  • licensekey = wyer8246134awehrjkery
  • licensetype = 2

2. After setting, a file wakka.config.<name of_your_domain>.php will appear in your hosting folder sites. Download it.
3. At the end of this file there are lines of the type:

["xminiConfig"] = array (
"licensetype" => "X",

Replace corresponding parameters by those specified in your key.
4. Load the file again on the server.
5. Reload your Flash-site. If you have made everything correctly, the system will not give a license error message at start.

Fuzzle CMS installation

Fuzzle CMS configuration

Additional modules adjustment