Photo album management system installation

1. Download the installation package
2. Extract it in the root of your site.
3. Find file _sites/your_site_url/postinstall.php. Move it to sites/[url_your_site]/postinstall.php.
4. Follow the address http://address of_your_site/system/1/postinstall.xml. You will see message Installing photogallery... OK.

After that your photo album will be installed. Also a new widget Basic photoalbum should appear.

5. To get to the photo album management system, follow the link http://address of_your_site/app/#/AdvOntoGomoTree-edit/XmSimpleGallery

6. You can adjust text boxes in the interface of management of certain photo album elements. To do it change setting simpleGallery in the setting manager.

Fuzzle CMS installation

Fuzzle CMS configuration

Additional modules adjustment