Adjustment of site for SEO and statistics

In order that pages of your html-version are indexed by search engines, in file index.php, placed on the server in folder sites/your_site_url/app/, you have to set alternative text which will appear, if a user does not have FlashPlayer installed, and place a link to HTML-version in it.

/* ------ Start SEO main page version ------ */ ?>
Visit <a href="http://name_of_your_site/html/Main">home page of HTML-version</a>
<?php /* ------ End SEO main page version ------ */

The following pages will be indexed:
  • specified in menu,
  • which inbound links refer to from pages specified in menu.

Also set the following parameters for the first part of file index.php:

  • $fzconfig["title"] = “Fuzzle CMS”
    Title of home page seen by search engines.
  • $fzconfig["googleAnalyticsID"] = “UA-XXXXXXX-X”
    Your Google Analytics account number. Allows gathering information about pages review with the help of Google Analytics.

Now you can place additional JS or IMG-based statistics counters. To do this, in the counters section write:

/* ------ Start counters ------ */ ?>
Here you can place additional counters
<?php /* ------ End counters ------ */

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