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Configuration adjustment

Configuration can be partially adjusted for loader chosen by you see appropriate paragraph. Here general configuration is described.

System configuration is set by file sites/wakka.config.<name of_your_domain>.php. Its lower part has a line of the type

$wakkaConfig["xminiConfig"] = array (

We need parameters inside this directive.


Start page

startpage – determines a start page loaded right after loader and system initialization. It has the type of /name of_module/parameter.

For example, in order to make HomePage a start page, you should set the following value: /XmAdvPage-main/HomePage

License parameters

client, licensekey, licensetype – determine license for the system. You can read about them here.

Administrators panel

adminpanel – XML-line which determines a set of tools for administrator.


<item target='thissite://AdvOntoGomoTree-edit/XmUserMenuItem' 
 label='Change menu' />
<item target='' label='Documentation' />
<item target='{logout}' label='Exit' />

Each element of the type item determines one button. The button will have text box equal to the labelparameter. After pressing the button, a move inside the site or outside will be performed, according to the parameter target (see page programmer/GeneralInformation General information?). If target={logout}, then a user will exit from the system and will be redirected to the enter page. If target={pagemanager}, then a user will go to the page manager.

Fuzzle CMS installation

Fuzzle CMS configuration

Additional modules adjustment