System requirements

For operation of Fuzzle CMS on your hosting the following software should be installed:

  • Apache web server + modules:
    • mod_rewrite
  • PHP5 interpreter + modules:
    • gd 
    • iconv
    • ZendOptimizer
  • MySQL database server (preferred version is >= 4.1.2, theoretically the system operates with 4.0, but work is not guaranteed!)

In the process of installation check for presence of these extensions will be performed:

  • If Zend Optimizer is unavailable, installation cannot be started, a blank page or error message will come out.
  • At the first stage presence of mod_rewrite, gd and iconv modules will be checked.
  • If there is no access to MySQL, you will not be able to fill in appropriate fields at the second stage.

Fuzzle CMS installation

Fuzzle CMS configuration

Additional modules adjustment