Dynamic effects

The examples of effects on demo-site.

Then page is loaded, blocks appear with dynamic effects which can be adjusted on the second tab Effect Master of block editor.

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Adjustable parameters:

  • Speed [1]
    Effect time in milliseconds.

  • Effect style [2]
    Adjustment of effect performance speed: normal, strict linear, slow-then-fast, fast-then-slow, elastic and others.

  • Effect can comprise three elements performed simultaneously.
    • Movement [3]
      Movement of a block from the specified screen area (from the top, from the left, etc.)/ some point (from-point)/beginning from some displacement(from-delta). The latter option is used, when all blocks are needed to be moved with the same speed.
    • Transparence [4]
      “Dissolution” of a block, change of its transparency.
    • Size [5]
      Enlargement/degradation of a block when appearing. Size is specified in percentage of initial, set separately along X-direction (length) and along Y-direction (height). Initial size can excess one, that is larger than real state of the block, which allows creating degradation effect.
    • Blurring [6]
      Blurring of block edges. It is set in pixels separately along X-direction and Y-direction.

  • Delay [7]
    Pause in milliseconds before effect performance for the given block. If you set effect delay for a key block on the given page, it will attract guest's attention at once.


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