File manager

Fuzzle CMS file manager allows managing files in your system directly through the browser.

File manager appeares each time you edit a block including uploaded files (images, flash-movies, video etc.)
File list is shown in two modes. In List mode all files can be seen, in Thumbnails mode – only the images.

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File manager interface

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  • File list
    In the List mode the list [1] shows name and size of the files loaded. Pressing the button [4] you get access to the corresponding file and can download it on your PC.

  • Display modes
    Modes (List and Thumbnails) are selected in the dropdown list [2].

  • Working folders
    Files can be arranged in folders [3]. To create new folder click the button on the right of the dropdown list with folders. Folders cannot be deleted in the current version of Fuzzle.

  • Load file
    To load files, click the button "+" [5] – explorer window will open. You can choose several files at once, all chosen files will be displayed in the list. Press the button “Upload” [6] to upload them.

  • Delete file
    To delete a file, select it and press the button “Delete” [7].

  • Free server space
    Progress bar [8] shows free and used space on a server.

  • Image editing
    You can also edit images directly on the site. Select the 'Thumbnails' view mode. You can see the “E” button displayed over each image. Press it, and the image editor will open, so you will be able to make cropping.


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