Menu editor

To start editing menu click Edit menu in Admin panel. Menu editor is viewed in two modes: edit and arrange the menu elements. By default the editor is in editing mode.

Editing mode

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  • Menu preview
    In the column at the left working variant of menu can be seen [1], in which all changes are shown automatically. With that, during editing the main menu of the site remains unchanged. It will update right after reloading of the site. In order to see immediately main menu changes, click “Refresh” in the browser.
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  • Mode selection
    Edit and arrange modes are selected at the tabs [2].

  • Edit menu option
    Click on the menu option in the preview column. Its settings will be displayed in the fields at the right: name [3] and link to the site page [4]. After entering changes click «Refresh (save)" [5].

  • Link wizard
    To change a link, use the wizard. РЎhoose a page from the list [1] of wizard or create a new one: enter its name in the field [2] and press "+" [3].
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  • Addition/removal of menu elements
    By the use of buttons [6] you can:
    • "+" – add new sub-item to the item selected in the column [1];
    • "+1" – add new item (to the root);
    • “-" – remove selected item.

Menu elements arrangement mode

  • displacement
    In the arrangement mode you can displace menu elements:
    • “>>" – make the item selected in the left column sub-item of the element selected in the right column;
    • “>>1” – move the item selected in the left column to the root;
    • “up” and “down” – move the item one line above/below the current level in the list.

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