Pages editing

Go to that page, content of which you are willing to change. Click Edit in the lower right.

If you cannot see the Edit button, you should login as the administrator. See. First steps

At the left of the screen you will see the editing panel, with the help of which you can add new blocks and set some parameters for all elements of the page.
See Page edit panel
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Block editing

Blue frames will appear around text blocks and images of the page. Now you can edit the blocks: displace, change their content and size.

In order to change block content (edit the text, insert new image), double-click on the block. Block editing window consisting of 3 tabs will appear.

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  • Block content editing
    The first tab contains tools for block content editing. They vary depending on the block type (text editor for text blocks, file loader for images, gallery editor for galleries and so on)
    See base blocks setting

  • Dynamic effects
    The second tab is for setting dynamic effect of block appearance on the page.
    See. effect manager

  • Block design
    The third tab is for setting design of the current block.
    See. decoration manager


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