Creation/removal of pages

To open the page manager click Page manager in admin panel.

All site pages are shown in the list [1]. They might be sorted by name or by date of last changes. To sort click on the related column header. Double click on page name opens the page.

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There are two ways to add/remove pages: by means of Page manager and directly in the process of content administration.

1. Creation of pages

  • In Page manager
    Enter the new page name in the field [2] and click Add new page. Only letters and numbers may be input.

  • During content administration
    A page is created automatically when the user follows the link to a new (not existing yet) page, places blocks on it and saves changes.
    When creating a link in the tab Internal link of the link editor enter in the field [2] the name of new page and press "+" [3].

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2. Removal of pages

  • In Page manager
    Choose a page and click Delete page [3].

  • During content administration
    Open a page in editing mode and click Remove the page at the bottom in the second tab of the page editor.
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